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09/07/15 -

Our clan broke away after 2 years from Missfits due to our wondrous clan leader being voted out of the clan. They left him a message on skype while he was gone on vacation. As heartbreaking as it was for some of us to leave, we chose to follow Ruserr in to the next world of opportunity and justify the wrong that was done. Ruserr decided that we should follow the advice the leaders of Missfits gave us, and start our own clan.
09/14/15 –
After a long awaited week (thanks Jagex.) we finally were able to put our ideas in to action. The clan was born at reset on the 14th. We instantly opened the citadel and brought in the members that followed us in to the birth of Become Legend. We worked really hard to get the clan off the ground and to make a solid foundation for it to be ran on.
09/14/15 –
Do to the close connection with the clan, KOS allied with Become Legend from the beginning of the clan. We honor this clan alliance more than most, as we are closest to them. They will forever remain the first clan to ever ally with us.

09/15/15 –
Slowpoke alliance with Become Legend. This clan is a clan we know pretty well and we do PvM and skilling with. They are a wondrous group of people that we met through Mugget (previous clan leader).

09/16/15 –
OceanSky joined in the clan as an admin, he followed us from Missfits. He started working really hard with Cammi and the other leaders to help put the clan together. He also came up with the name Become Legend. He’s well known for his friendliness and his constant involvement in the clan and clan chat. He is an active recruiter and helps keep up with the clan trackers.

09/17/15 –
We decided that it would be best to show there were no hard feelings upon the split of Missfits and in turn, we decided to create an allyship with them.

09/21/15 -
We got an Avatar for our clan. Congratulations everyone for all your hard work this week and for helping us grow as a clan.

09/22/15 -
Congratulations to Oceansky for winning our Clan Competition for Fishing. The clan event ran for 24 hours in honor of Waterfall Fishing.  

09/22/15 –
Alliance broken off by Missfits. We will not be re-allying with them do to disrespectful and unprofessional behavior.
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