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 TeamSpeak Rules

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TeamSpeak Rules Empty
PostSubject: TeamSpeak Rules   TeamSpeak Rules EmptySun Sep 13, 2015 11:31 pm

Our rules and punishments are:

1. Respect others in the TS. Do on to others as you would want done on to you.

2. Do not excessively flame, whine, complain or rant.

3. Keep topics friendly. Racist statements and remarks, politic conversations, or scamming are all prohibited.

4. No bullying. This will not be tolerated at all and will be grounds for instant banning.

5. No spamming the TS. This includes logging in and out of the ts, spamming the channels text box, and repeatedly switching channels.

6. No offensive names or descriptions. This includes channels you create. Your channel will be instantly deleted with no warning.

7. Absolutely no BEGGING of any sort from the people on teamspeak. This is not tolerated at all. You are more than welcome to ask for help to EARN your money yourself, but do not hint at the fact that you want idem or money given to you for nothing.

8. No drama at any time. This means do not bring your real life issues on the teamspeak server to be publicly announced to everyone in the channel. Do not start fights on teamspeak. Do not bring other members in to a fight with you and another person. If you want to rant do so privately. If you have a problem with someone. Please resolve it in another channel away from other people. If needed involve a Moderator or an Owner.

First time will consist of a warning.
Second offence will consist of a kick/ removal of entry for 24 hours
Final warning will be a ban.
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TeamSpeak Rules
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